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The Studio


Studio Whitford is a full-service interior design firm crafting individualized spaces that tell a story. We value the juncture between old-world craftsmanship and modernism. Whether you are moving into your first home or renovating a boutique hotel we tailor our design expertise to your needs. With nearly a decade of experience and access to the world's top artisans, we will help guide you through the design process from concept through completion. 


The Founder

Courtney Klinger

principal designer and founder

Courtney is a Philadelphia-based designer, who specializes in hospitality, retail, and residential projects. Throughout her career, she has completed numerous projects including boutique hotels, multi-family buildings, luxury retail, and star-studded residences. She has an acute eye for design, antiques, and a knack for custom furniture. Courtney works closely with architects, engineers, and branding consultants to create well-rounded high functioning spaces that feel effortless.

Growing up she was highly influenced by her father’s work in construction, and her mother’s love of antiques. She graduated with honors from Drexel University with a bachelor of science in interior architecture.

When she is not in the office you can find her rummaging through antique shops, finding inspiration through travel, and fueling her love for cars and motorcycles at the race track.

CKlinger Headshot.jpg

The Team

Michael Patterson


Michael is a classically trained architectural designer who uses his diverse skillset to solve complex problems. He joined Studio Whitford in 2021 and has worked with Courtney on various projects since 2015. Whether he’s developing new-build structural concepts or curating furniture, he simultaneously considers the larger picture and the smallest details in order to deliver holistic solutions to the client. Constantly exploring and questioning, his interdisciplinary perspective brings an inventive approach to each new design challenge.
A childhood love for the outdoors and affinity for nature transformed into his passion for architecture and design. While attending Drexel University, he further cultivated this fire into a unique set of skills, which he continues to hone through both professional and personal creative endeavors.
Whether traveling somewhere with a view or camping out in a well-lit cafe, Michael enjoys listening to peoples’ stories and discovering new ways to turn their experiences and aspirations into beautiful realities.

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