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High Point Market Sets the Stage

A Showcase that Spotlights Different Facets of Design

The Ezra_IDCO Studio

What is High Point Market?

Each Spring and Autumn, the sleepy town of High Point, NC comes alive as it hosts one of the world’s largest design trade shows. For five days, design professionals, artisans, and manufacturers alike come together to experience new product, share ideas, and reconnect with the pulse of the design community.

Our daily itineraries consist of carefully mapped showroom visits, prominent guest speakers, and curated mixers with other design professionals. The bulk of our time is spent running from vendor to vendor, so we're always sure to pack our walking shoes!

Cutting Edge Meets the Test of Time

As you may have noticed, our studio has a knack for pairing the rustic textures of heritage pieces alongside the refined, sumptuous materials of modern design.

High Point showcases vendors from nearly all parts of the design spectrum, hailing from the world over. Not only does this provides us with the unique opportunity to see the latest and greatest offerings from some of our favorite brands, but it also sets us up to discover and fall in love with new names

In addition to the freshly released lines of furniture, goods, and finishes, High Point offers a massive selection of antiques and specialty products from artisans and small businesses. This is one of our favorite reasons for coming back each year!

Informative and Inspiring

Although all things product The show always boasts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers sharing their perspectives on poignant topics within the profession. Some of my favorite moments from this year's show are of the spirted conversations which sprang from these panel discussions. It's not everyday that we get to be among so many peers with such distinctive voices, and High Point provides us the placepeople to share and celebrate them; which reminds us...

Design is a Social, Fun-Loving Creature

The world of design is -centric. We spend so much time communicating via email, phone, and social media; which is why the vendors at Market host a wealth of social activities to keep spirits high and the inspiration flowing.

We partake in everything from early breakfasts, to sparkling happy hours, live performances, and interactive art displays, making new acquaintances all the way. By the time the trip comes to a close, we're ready for a good night's rest, but are definitely too inspired to sleep.

Looking forward to 2024 Market!

Photography: Studio Whitford


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